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Viva Vespanola: Adventurer's Compendium This page is a list of activities you can do in the World of Granado Espada. Previously only used in the making of Pioneer's Daily Memo, it is now a compilation of every raid/quest in the game. Selling - Selling Granado Espada Shell Account lvl 58 Fam ...

Loot Drop List in Granado Espada. Stone Pit. – Copper.-Strange Clock. Items for Viki Quest. Reception Hall. Квесты - Viron - Granado Espada | Clock Tower Pass База знаний по игре Granado Espada.Заходим в Clock Tower. Идем в город Ош и говорим с Jean Pierre-Gascon. Собираем - Composite Steel (100) + Cast Iron (100). Скачать клип Granado Espada - Clock Tower Basement -… 【SEA GE】Aileen in Clocktower. [Granado Espada Europe] Individual Mission Royal Road.Granado Espada Euopre Enhancement +7 Armonia rod. 2018 08 19 20 51 12. Скачать Granado Espada Clock Tower Basement Mission…

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Book Of Madness: Expert Stances/Экспертные стойки Granado Espada Note (SGE v18.45) ... Rapida Espada (v9.1) .... How to Acquire: Letizia Shiny Box, Byron Clock Tower Fl. 11 and 12 .... How to Acquire: 2 Elemental Jewel + Symbol of Taurus (from Veronif::Byron), Alchemy roulette reward ... Steam Card Exchange :: Showcase :: SpeedRunners ... 2 of 5Artwork Unic. Price: $0.11. Card 3 of 5Artwork Cosmonaut Comrade. Price: $0.10. Card 4 of 5Artwork HotHead. Price: $0.10. Card 5 of 5Artwork Roulette.

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Being played by over 30 million worldwide, Granado Espada Online offers unique gaming experience. Choose from over 100 characters and control 3 characters at the same time.

- Players can earn additional [Rank Tokens] upon completing missions through the [Roulette] mini-game. - Players can earn items and enchant chips that can be used in crafting and upgrading [weapons and accessories] - Details of items earned will be available to browse at the [Mission Information Center] ... Clock Tower Basement (1 ~ 10) New Era Daily Quests - Pioneering Granado Espada Complete and start the roulette in Viron Clock Tower B1F/B2F/etc. mission. Talk to Clock Tower Basement Chief Investigator in Clock Tower Basement Lobby (E3) for reward. Note: There are 10 quests in all for Clock Tower Basement, 1 for each floor. Secret Tower - Pioneering Granado Espada Secret Tower Magic Scroll (drop rate 9.99%) can be acquired from the roulette of Demonic Secret Tower mission in Bounty Hunter's Guild. Alternatively, you can spend 3 Tokens - Bounty Hunter's Guild to buy Recipe - Secret Tower Magic Scroll from the NPC Merchant in Bounty Hunter's Guild.

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